General info:
To visit and try the instruments on site or have us come and demonstrate them contact us on the contact page or at
If you are discontent with your instruments for some reason, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to work it out. Instruments are expensive and we want you to enjoy them.

All instruments are also possible to order in A=432Hz (or other) if you contact us.

As with most instruments we recommend taking care of your gear.


Included in price is 1 year of free tuning and/or service if something happens to the drum. The costumer is however responsible for the shipping in this case.

After 1 year a cost of 20€ (+shipping) will be charged for tuning and/or service.

We also offer the possibility of re-tuning a drum to a lower Hz, ie dropping the notes to a lower scale for the cost of 40€ (+ shipping).

The drums are treated with several layers of clear lacquer to prevent rusting. It is recommended to add another layer once a year to further help with this. Treating your instrument gently, by playing it softly and keeping it away from rain or humidity will prolong its life.
Bumps may be present on you drum. This is solely due to them being built from recycled materials and does not affect the intonation or general sound. 
For other scales than are listed, just contact us and we will build after your requirements and send you a video demonstration. No obligations to purchase.


The most sensitive part of the Cristal are the glass rods and so included in the price are several replacement glass rods if they happen to break. More are available to order if need be. 
All the metal parts are made from aluminium, copper and stainless steel and will have a long life expectancy without treatment.
Wash your hands with soap thoroughly before playing to remove grease and dirt. This makes a huge difference while playing. 
From time to time it is also recommended to gently wash the glass rods with denatured alcohol.
If for some reason tuning is required we will gladly assist you. Or do it for you for free if you are in the vicinity. Contact us and we will work it out.

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