10 Note Bergtagna Cristal: F-major

12300,00 kr ex. VAT

To declare an interest in purchasing a Bergtagna Cristal please contact us and we will maintain a dialogue until the product is ready for shipping.

A 10 Note Bergtagna Cristal in the scale of F-major (F-G-A-Bb-C-D-E-f-g-a), tuned in equal temperament with A=440Hz (Other Hz is no problem, just let us know).
This is a smaller size Cristal which make it more flexible. As it is tuned to a scale it is also very easy to play, making it suitable for anyone, regardless of skill level. Although it is the smallest variety of Cristal, it still has a powerful sound vibrating out from the double-Diffuser setup making it a great tool for usage within for instance yoga, or sound healing. It is also possible to create an abundance in sound effects on all sizes of Cristals by using bows, rubber mallets or just by tapping with your fingers on the threaded rods, making it a superb instrument for film- or videogame composers.

Comes with 2 inline Diffusers, one bigger stainless steel Diffuser and one smaller plastic Diffuser.
Each piece will have it’s own unique timbre due largely to the behavior of the steel diffusers as they implement their own tonality and react with the frequencies produced by the instrument. They will also be marked with a unique serial number.

Also included when purchasing one of our Bergtagna Cristals is a short manual on how to assemble/disassemble the instrument and how to tune it if need be. The necessary tools and spare parts are also included.
It’s possible to request varieties to the standard setup. This may include:
-Different tonal range
-Different diffuser setup. For instance using other materials to produce cleaner sounds, with less steel-reverb. Or a combination of diffusers. Watch the diffuser-demo video for inspiration which is recorded on a 25 note Cristal (24 note plus an extra high note).

If you have other requests or ideas, we’re always interested in trying new things.

For EU companies with a valid VAT-number please contact us if you wish to buy ex VAT.
Additional charges for customs or import tax may occur upon arrival in your country, and must be payed by the costumer.

The production time of a 10 Note Cristal is roughly three weeks, contact us and we will give you an estimate on when an instrument may be ready.

It is recommended to use headphones when listening to the demos.

Please note that this item is normally produced as made-to-order. So please contact us if you are interested and we will give you an estimate of when it can be ready. Production time is based on size of instrument, and current waiting line.

More videos may be found at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI5YK_-5cD8Isq_IbN9z2r1av7_LC7yUW

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